Medical Spanish in the Emergency Department

5 days of practical medical Spanish!
What providers need to know to feel confident examining
Spanish-speaking patients with limited English proficiency

June 1-5, 2020

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ICEP Conference Center, Downers Grove, IL

This 5-day course will teach practical medical Spanish to allow providers to obtain a basic medical history, examine patients without assistance, and provide simple discharge instructions to limited English proficiency Spanish-speaking patients.

Each half day offers a complaint-based series of lectures and practical exercises. Common health-releated Hispanic cultural beliefs and practices will also be discussed.

Physicians, physician assistants, nurses, residents and other health care personnel

The goal of the course is to assist providers in building a rapport with Spanish-speaking patients. It will not make one proficient in Medical Spanish and is not intended to replace the use of interpreter services when needed.

Participants are expected to have a basic knowledge of Spanish (high school level, familiarity with basic conjugation of verbs and sentence structure)


  • Lesson 1: Basic grammar rules; Anatomy; Patient greetings
  • Lesson 2: Role of the interpreter
  • Lesson 3: Anatomy; Pain; Cultural implications of “healers”
  • Lesson 4: Chief complaint; History of present illness; Physical exam
  • Lesson 5: Plan of care
  • Lesson 6: Gastrointestinal; Genitourinary
  • Lesson 7: Cardiovascular
  • Lesson 8: Respiratory
  • Lesson 9: Dental; Ophthalmology; Lacerations; Burns
  • Lesson 10: Pediatrics
  • Lesson 11: Neurology; Psychiatry
  • Lesson 12: Obstetrics/gynecology; Domestic violence
  • Lesson 13: Orthopedics
  • Lesson 14: Cultural awareness, humility and beliefs
  • Lesson 15: Motor vehicle collisions; Diabetes
  • Presentations and scenarios with simulated patients
ACEP Member Physician $395
Non-Member Physician $425
Physician Assistant, Resident, Nurse, NP or Other Health Care Personnel $299
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