ICEP Supports Protection of the Physician-Patient Relationship

As the Supreme Court overturns the precedent established by Roe v. Wade, the Illinois College of Emergency Physicians (ICEP) is deeply concerned about the medical and legal implications of judicial overreach into the practice of medicine.

The U.S Supreme Court in Dobbs v. Jackson today ruled that abortion is not a right protected by the United States constitution, leaving the issue up to individual states to decide on how to regulate this important medical procedure. In Illinois, abortion remains legal, but today’s ruling raises questions regarding the future of access to abortion in Illinois as well as nationwide.

ICEP members are dedicated to the emergency treatment of all patients at any time including those needing assistance with general and high-risk pregnancy concerns, miscarriages, and those with questions regarding safe and legal abortion. ICEP remains committed to the treatment of emergency-related pregnancy illnesses and will continue to advocate at the state level on behalf of its patients for access to safe, and evidence-medicine based reproductive care.

ICEP applauds the decision for a special legislative session this summer to assure Illinois’ commitment to reproductive health care rights and protections.

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