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As a dedicated advocate for emergency physicians, ICEP is unwavering in its commitment to supporting, developing, and amplifying their voices.

Emergency physicians in Illinois grapple with numerous pressing challenges, such as hospital boarding/crowding, violence against healthcare workers, workforce, out-of-network billing, and more.

ICEP is dedicated to fostering and nurturing connections with aligned organizations and fellow partners, contributing to the advancement of emergency medicine and enhancing the well-being of the patients under their care.

Key Issues:

Ensuring High-Quality Medical Care
ICEP joins national organizations like AMA and ACEP in concern regarding the scope expansion of non-physician providers. Physicians are the best practitioners equipped to manage the patients who come to emergency departments, and there should always be one on-site.

Workplace Violence
ICEP advocates for new legislation and regulations needed to address violence against healthcare workers.

Medicare & Medicaid Reimbursement: Medicare, there is a financial disincentive for physicians to accept Medicaid patients, especially for primary care, where the demand for services is high and the supply of providers is low.

Supporting Survivors
In addition to supporting physicians, ICEP is dedicated to helping victims. Emergency department physicians are on the frontlines of dealing with victims of sexual assault and domestic violence and therefore have a strong desire to protect these individuals from experiencing further harm and ensure they have recourse after a crime is committed.

ICEP Advocacy Issue Papers/Handouts

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