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Awards/Nominating Committee

This committee nominates members for national ACEP awards, nominates a member to receive the Bill B. Smiley Meritorious Service Award, the ICEP Meritorious Service Award, and other occasional awards. The Committee coordinates presentation of ICEP awards at the ICEP Spring Symposium and develops methods to recognize chapter members for exemplary service.

The Committee develops slates of candidates for election to various ICEP leadership positions, including Board of Directors, councilors, and officers.

The Committee members are:

Napoleon Knight, MD, MBA, FACEP, FAAPL, Chair
Henry Pitzele, MD, FACEP
Debra Baines, MD, FACEP
Dayle Davenport, MD
Cai Glushak, MD, FACEP
Janet Lin, MD, MPH, MBA, FACEP
Christopher McDowell, MD, MBA, MS, FACEP
Meeta Shah, MD
Edward Sloan, MD, MPH, FACEP

Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee recommends amendments to ICEP bylaws, and assures that ICEP bylaws are consistent with those of national ACEP and Illinois law.

The Committee members are:

Henry Pitzele, MD, FACEP, Chair
Janet Lin, MD, MPH, MBA, FACEP
Christine Babcock, MD, MSc, FACEP
Yanina Purim-Shem-Tov, MD, MS, FACEP

Educational Meetings Committee

ICEP presents excellent continuing medical education programs throughout the year that are monitored and developed by this committee. Examples of educational courses offered are the Spring Symposium, Emergency Medicine Update, Oral Board Review Course, and Emergent Procedures Simulation Skills Lab.

The Committee members are:

Kristen Donaldson, MD, FACEP
Shana Ross, DO
Michael Gottlieb, MD
Helen Straus, MD, FACEP
Rodney Fullmer, DO, FACOEP
Christina Long, MD, FACEP
Chrissy Babcock, MD, FACEP
Nupur Shah, DO
S Margaret Paik, MD, FACEP
Sara Hock, MD, FACEP
Nicolas Ramsay, MD
Liza Pilch, MD, FACEP
Tina Sundaram, MD
Matthew Kuhns, MD
G. Carolyn Clayton, MD
Lydia Sharp, MD
Thomas Alcorn, MD
Dhara Amin, MD
Matt Baluzy, DO
Deborah Weber, MD, FACEP
Christopher Colbert, DO, FACEP, FACOEP
Wes Eilbert, MD, FACEP
Erik Frost, DO
Katarzyna Gore, MD
Kathleen Hegarty, MD
Christopher McDowell, MD, MBA, MEd, MS, FACEP
Alisa McQueen, MD, FAAP, FACEP
Jared Novack, MD, FACEP
Joseph Palter, MD
Lauren Pierce, MD

EMS Committee

This committee develops, supports and implements ICEP positions on EMS issues including paramedic licensure, medical control, trauma center designation, and leadership in EMS systems. The committee coordinates the activities of the Illinois EMS Forum and the Illinois EMS Medical Directors group.

The Committee members are:

Esmael Mayar, MD
Jon Strotkamp, DO, FACEP
Scott French, MD, FACEP
Jeremy Lott, DO
Max Koenigsberg, MD, FACEP
Jason Kegg, MD, FACEP
Susan Fuchs, MD, FACEP
Ken Pearlman, MD, FACEP
David Hassard, MD, FACEP
Kurt Bloomstrand, MD, FACEP
Mark Cichon, DO, FACEP
Katie Tataris, MD, FACEP
Valerie J. Phillips, MD, FACEP
Eddie Markul, MD
Art Proust, MD, FACEP
Cai Glushak, MD, FACEP
Michael McCartin, MD
Matt Jordan, MD, FACEP

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee reviews and recommends ICEP’s financial policies. ICEP’s budget, financial statements, investments and investment policies are all supervised by this committee as well as any budget modifications to be brought before the Board of Directors.

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The Committee members are:

Jason Kegg, MD, FACEP
Napoleon Knight, MD, FACEP
Chrissy Babcock, MD, FACEP
Henry Pitzele, MD, FACEP
Ed Ward, MD, FACEP
Amit Arwindekar, MD, FACEP
Yanina Purim-Shem-Tov, MD, FACEP
Ed Sloan, MD, FACEP
Ernie Wang, MD, FACEP
Janet Lin, MD, FACEP
Chris McDowell, MD, FACEP
Cai Glushak, MD, FACEP

ITLS Illinois Advisory Committee

ICEP serves as the Illinois chapter of  International Trauma Life Support (ITLS). The Advisory Committee coordinates ITLS and its members conduct ITLS basic and advanced provider and instructor training programs throughout the state.

The Committee members are:

Arthur Proust, MD, FACEP, Chair
Brandon Bleess, MD, EMT-T
Eric Brandmeyer, RN, EMT-P
Nicholas Fish, RN, BSN
Danelle Geraci, EMT-P
Marilyn Hallock, MD, MS, FACEP
Louis Hondros, DO
Jason Kegg, MD, FACEP
Edward Kemnitz, EMT-P
Napoleon Knight, MD, FACEP, FAAPL – Board Liaison
Greg Love, NRP
Rosemary McGinnis, RN
David Meiners, EMT-P

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee works to develop services to members and potential members of ICEP. Membership recruitment and retention are among the committee’s objectives. For membership information, see this site’s Membership Information page.

The Committee members are:

Will Sharp, MD, PhD, FACEP
Matt Kuhns, MD
Howie Mell, MD, FACEP
Jason Kegg, MD, FACEP
Tom Spiegel, MD, FACEP
Liza Pilch, MD, FACEP
Laura Napier, MD, FACEP
Julie Martino, MD, FACEP

Patient and Physician Advocacy Committee

The ICEP Patient and Physician Advocacy Committee is one of ICEP’s most active committees. The committee supports ICEP’s political action committee and key contact network with state legislators. Key issues are identified for action and strategies are developed to ensure a positive practice environment for emergency physicians and maintain the quality of care for emergency department patients. For more information, see Legislative Information page. The committee is also designed to increase public awareness of ICEP, emergency medicine and emergency medicine issues. The committee plans special activities and projects to promote the interests of emergency medicine.

The Committee members are:

Yanina Purim-Shem-Tov, MD, FACEP
Scott Pasichow, MD, MPH
Michael Wahl, MD, FACEP
Sobia Ansari, MD
Hannah Meissner, MD
Amy Kule, MD, FACEP
Louis Jay Sharp, MD, FACEP
Amit Arwindekar, MD, FACEP
Susan Mm. Nedza, MD, FACEP
Jack Wu, MD, FACEP
William Sullivan, DO, JD, FACEP
James R. DeVries, MD
Monika Pitzele, MD, FACEP
Henry Pitzele, MD, FACEP
Adnan Hussain, MD, FACEP
Willard Sharp, MD, PhD, FACEP
George Lew, MD, FACEP
John Moustoukas, MD, FACEP
Keya Patel, MD
Jenna Karagianis Nikolaides, MD, FACEP
Adam Rodos, MD, FACEP

Practice Management Committee

The Practice Management Committee develops, supports and advocates ICEP’s positions on practice management issues. Committee members educate payors about the unique role of emergency medicine and provide information and education to members on reimbursement, pension/retirement and other practice management issues.

The Committee members are:

Amit Arwindekar, MD, FACEP
Yanina Purim-Shem-Tov, MD, FACEP
John Moustoukas, MD, FACEP
Mitchell Kentor, MD
Mila Felder, MD, FACEP
Tom Spiegel, MD, FACEP
Henry Pitzele, MD, FACEP
Adnan Hussain, MD, FACEP
Shannon Lovett, MD, FACEP
Laura Napier, MD, FACEP
Jack Wu, MD, FACEP
William Sullivan, DO, JD, FACEP

Research Committee

The Research Committee conducts a scientific papers and posters presentation at the ICEP Annual Meeting, is sponsoring a resident research grant program, and surveys Illinois Emergency Departments about their research projects.

The Committee members are:

Peter Serina, MD
Willard Sharp, MD, PhD, FACEP
Casey Collier, MD, FACEP
Mark Mycyk, MD, FACEP
Neeraj Chhabra, MD
Shu Chan, MD, MS, FACEP
Edward Sloan, MD, MPH, FACEP
Wesley Eilbert, MD, FACEP

Social Emergency Medicine Committee

The Social Emergency Medicine Committee aims to foster awareness of the social determinants of health, with an emphasis on advocacy and policy change, education, and research. Committee members focus on decreasing health disparities in emergency care through systematic interventions that address the social context of patients in urban, rural and international settings.

The Committee members are:

Debra Bains, MD, FACEP
Quincy Moore, MD
Peter Serina, MD
Bailee Jacobsen, DO
Keya Patel, MD
Theresa Nguyen, MD, FACEP
Vinoo Dissanayake, MD
Harrison Pidgeon, MD
Kim Stanford, MD, FACEP
Sobia Ansari, MD
Hannah Meissner, MD
Qi Charles Zhang, MD
Nupur Shah, DO,
Carolyn Clayton, MD, FACEP
Tammy Abughnaim, MD
Lydia Sharp, MD
Urvi Patel, DO
Vinay Mikkilineni, MD
Erica Concors, MD, MPH
Corey Goldstein, MD

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