Mental Health Emergencies Around the World

Mental Health Emergencies Around the World 
October 27, 2022
1pm – 4pm GMT/UTC
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This virtual symposium is brought to you by the International Federation for Emergency Medicine in collaboration with the Royal College of Emergency Medicine.  

Mental health is not a diagnosis like other conditions associated with clear presentations, diagnostic tests, and definitive treatment. It is a complex presentation of multiple factors that include but is not limited to, biological, social, cultural, and environmental factors.  

We explore in the next Virtual Learning Series: Around the World Event a variety of presentations and approaches to the care and management of mental health disorders.  

Learning Objectives:  

  1. Understand the associated factors that may contribute to mental health presentations to an emergency department  
  2. Learn about tools and interventions that may be employed in the management of mental health disorders  
  3. Recognize the universality of factors and conditions, despite geographic differences  

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