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ICEP EM on Tap Podcast: Episode 02 – Toxicology Rants and Pain Management in the ED

This episode of ICEP EM on Tap features: Toxicology Rants – Consultant’s Corner Adam Rodos, MD George Hughes, MD “Activated Charcoal and Its Use in Ingestion Overdoses” Guest: Dr. Frank Paloucek Clinical Pharmacologist, University of Illinois Member, Toxikon Consortium Pain Management in the Emergency Department Dallas Holladay, DO Jon Alterie, DO Shownotes: Toxicology Rants – […]

ICEP EM on Tap Podcast: 2018 Resident Competition Announced

Call for Resident Podcast Competition Submissions ICEP is seeking submissions for the Podcast Competition that will be presented at the 2018 Spring Symposium on May 3, 2018.  The ICEP Podcast Competition is open to emergency medicine residency programs in Illinois to address a variety of topics in emergency medicine.  The entries may vary from literature […]

ICEP EM on Tap Podcast: Episode 01 – Introduction & Resident Competition

ICEP EM on Tap is the Illinois College of Emergency Physicians’ podcast for all things emergency medicine. ICEP EM on Tap provides an online resource of up-to-date and relevant information as it pertains to the practice of emergency medicine: literature review, procedural techniques, current topics of interest, and more. The goal of ICEP EM on […]

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