Congratulations to All New Electives!

New Officers:

Babock-Christine-125pxChristine Babcock, MD, FACEP
Chicago, IL


Napoleon Knight, MD, FACEPNapoleon Knight, MD, MBA, FACEP, FAAPL
Urbana, IL



Jason Kegg, MD, FACEP
Springfield, IL


Howie Mell, MD, MPH, CPE FACEP
Chicago, IL




Re-Elected Board Members:

Scott Heinrich, MD, FACEP
Chicago, IL



Jason Kegg, MD, FACEP
Springfield, IL


Willard W. Sharp, MD, PhD, FACEP
Chicago, IL



New Councillors and Alternates:

Chrissy Babcock
Amit Arwindekar –
Napoleon Knight –
Howie Mell –
Henry Pitzele –
Cai Glushak –
Janet Lin –
Jason Kegg –
Yanina Purim-Shem-Tov –
Kurtis Mayz –
Ernie Wang –
Shu Chan –
John Hafner –
Chris McDowell –

Scott Heinrich –
Will Sharp –
Regina Royan –
Brad Bunney –
Adnan Hussain –
John Moustoukus –
Halleh Akbarnia –
Ben Feinzimer –
George Hevesy –
Deb Weber –
Laura Napier –

For a full list of leadership click here.

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