IDPH: Illinois’ Rise of Sexually Transmitted Infection Cases & Bicillin Shortage Inventory Survey

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to bring to your attention the rising numbers of sexually transmitted infections (STIs),
especially syphilis, in the state and ways to work together to reverse this trend. Complete this short
survey to help determine treatment access gaps and Bicillin inventory for Illinois, link here.

Since 2000, national data shows an increase in chlamydia of 132%, gonorrhea 96%, and syphilis of
459%. Specifically for pregnant people and their infants, congenital syphilis has increased 203% since
2017. Most recently in Illinois, the number of congenital syphilis cases per year has increased from 29
cases in 2020, to 50 cases in 2021, and 84 cases in 2022.

Read the whole document here:

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