Legislative Update – Week of March 28

March 28, 2011

The House and Senate both retu to Springfield this week from a week of Spring Break.  Both chambers will now focus primarily on moving bills out of their chamber and over to the opposite chamber for consideration therefore, the majority of time will be spent on the floor of their chambers on 2nd and 3rd […]

Legislative Update – Week of March 21

March 21, 2011

The House and Senate both left Springfield at the end of last week and will be gone until March 28 for a Spring Break. With the substantive committee deadline having passed last week, there are many bills that have been retued to the Rules or Committee on Assignments for failure to be moved on to the […]

Legislative Update – Week of March 14

March 14, 2011

The coming week will bring both the “Wearing O’ the Green” on St. Patrick’s Day and the House and Senate deadlines for moving proposals out of their substantive committees.  Barring individual or wholesale bill deadline extensions, members in both chambers will need to have moved their bills out of committee and to the floor by […]

Legislative Update – Week of March 7

March 7, 2011

This week, the legislature worked on moving bills out of committee and through the chambers and the process.  The Goveor’s proposed budget also continues to be a hot topic of discussion amongst interest groups and lawmakers.  The Goveor met with the Black Caucus this week in response to their fervent opposition to the proposed cuts […]

Legislative Update – Week of February 28

February 28, 2011

Only the House was in Springfield during the last week.  During the week, the chamber held committees for consideration of substantive bills and introduced an additional 1,700 bills prior to the introduction deadline.  Download Complete Legislative Update

Legislative Update – Week of February 21

February 21, 2011

The Goveor’s Budget address was a primary focus for the last week in Springfield.  The speech was relatively short – lasting only about 25 minutes.  Much of the speech was spent on the need for further job creation in the State and a significant portion talking about the Goveor’s proposal to “restructure” the State’s debt […]

ACEP Launches Emergency Medicine Action Fund

February 20, 2011

By Nancy CalawayACEP Communications Manager With changes in the health care system already underway, a new initiative is looking to positively impact the regulations that will be written and implemented under this sweeping reform. The Emergency Medicine Action Fund, launched by ACEP in February, will pool contributions from individual emergency physicians and groups, chapters, and anyone else […]

Out-of-Network Bill Signed by Governor

February 15, 2011

Despite the efforts of ICEP, ISMS, and the coalition of hospital-based specialties to secure a veto, Goveor Quinn signed HB 5085, the out-of-network bill, on February 14.  It is effective on June I, 2011.ICEP continues to work with the coalition on alteate language that will be acceptable as a compromise by all parties and the […]

Legislative Update – Week of February 14

February 14, 2011

The House and Senate retu on Tuesday this week.  Committee hearings are now in full swing and many bills have been posted for hearing in both chambers.   The Senate deadline for introduction of substantive bills passed this last week.  A total of 2300+ bills were introduced in the Senate.  To date, more than 1500+ bills […]

Legislative Update – Week of February 7

February 7, 2011

Like much of the rest of Illinois, the House and Senate had to cancel their scheduled session days in Springfield last week due to the snow emergency.  Again, bills were introduced without the members being present during perfunctory session days.  Members are scheduled to retu to Springfield February 8th at noon.  Although relatively few, committee […]

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